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Paypal Fraudulent Trader:

Paypal Fraudulent Trader:

Hi there All


I'm not sure how to go about raising this as it's a bit complicated.


Basically in a moment of summer madness I booked & paid for a beauty treatment day on Oxford High Street ... I know, I know ... seriously never doing that again.  I was sold the beauty treatment day for my friend and myself by XXXXXX.  She said she was taking the payment via Paypal but I only actually entered my credit card details.  (I know, I know - stupid very stupid and never doing this again).  However, the transaction never appeared in my Paypal account, only in my credit card statement.  Consequently it makes it impossible to raise through Paypal and could have been very difficult to deal with via my credit card company as they initially sent me back to Paypal.  I think this is utterly intentional on the part of the 'vendor' XXXXXX.


I changed my mind about the purchase and contacted her via email and text within 2 hours of the transaction to say I wanted to cancel it.  She ignored my messages, then pushed back and then finally agreed to a refund, for which I received another receipt.  However, this was also not valid as no refund has ever been sent to my credit card.


I am raising an official dispute via my credit card company but I also want to report this trader to Paypal as this is clearly fraudulent behaviour and I don't want to see anyone else become subject to the illegal, immoral and unethical behaviour of XXXXXX. 





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Re: Paypal Fraudulent Trader: Bonnie Johansen



Firstly you are not allowed to name and shame on this public board and its very unfair of you to put the sellers full name / address and photograph on this public forum, so i have reported this to the mods.


Secondly why on earth is it the sellers fault that they accept credit card payments via paypal and you paid as a guest buyer? A lot of sellers do that to accept paypal payments, she has done nothing wrong.


Thirdly you purchased from her and then 'changed your mind' .


Lastly refunds take up to 30 days to go back to your credit card.


As far as i can see your seller has done as much as she can with a difficult customer that changed her mind as soon as she bought something.

Re: Paypal Fraudulent Trader: Bonnie Johansen

Hi kernowlass


Thank you for your quick response.


I have a feeling you've been doing this for quite a while - this is the first time I've ever used this space.  It's good to know that there are rules that regulars are aware of.  Is there a link to these rules? It would be good to know where all of them are, as relying on finding out about rules through a telling off is a bit of an unreliable and unpleasant means of navigating and learning this environment.


As a first time user of this space, it's a bit sad to find that rather than helpful instruction and advice I've been wrist slapped in a rather aggressive manner.  Could you advise of the best way to complain about your treatment of me in this instance?




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Re: Paypal Fraudulent Trader: Bonnie Johansen



LOL at agressive, you put your point of view and i put mine.


You named and shamed a seller having 'changed your mind' and then posted a piccy of her and insulted her on a public forum.


So you think you are entitled to an opinion but only want posts from others that agree with you?


Is one only agressive because they disagree with you?


Complain away if you feel you have reason, I have already reported your post.

I have given you helpful instruction, the fact that i did not agree with you seems to have upset you rather, guess the seller may be upset as well with you posting her picture on this forum?


It works both ways you know.

Re: Paypal Fraudulent Trader: Bonnie Johansen

Awaiting helpful advice/information about what to do.  If there is anyone who would be willing to kindly and helpfully aid me in understanding how Paypal has worked in this instance I'd be really grateful.

Amended subject : need Paypal Resolution

What was helpful about the above info was realising that I probably did have a Paypal transaction but via a 'guest payment'.  Something that wasn't made clear to me.


The transaction that I am seeking a refund for was made on 5 July 2017, following a conversation initiated by a lady who stopped me while I was walking on Oxford Street and asked me to consider buying a beauty treatment day.


The lady stopped me and kept me talking for between 15 and 20 minutes trying to persaude me to buy this beauty day with an organisation called Studio 52 London.  I decided to agree to purchase this day based on what she had described.


While on the train home, I realised that I did not want to spend £60 on a beauty treatment day and that having had a chance to reflect decided that I wanted to cancel the booking.  When I contacted the seller via text as she'd given me her mobile number, she did not respond.  I checked the Ts&Cs of the website and also checked the Consumer Rights Act to ensure that I was legally entitled to a refund, which I am.


I texted and emailed the lady and explained that I wanted to cancel the booking citing the terms and conditions on the Studio 52 website and the Consumer Rights Act.


She responded then to say that I wasn't eligible for a refund as their terms and conditions don't allow it.  I then quoted the text on their website about cancellations and again mentioned the Consumer Rights Act.  She then said that as a gesture of good will she would issue a refund.


She sent a receipt for a refund that looked like the first receipt I had received which had the initial charge for the booking.  I thought it all looked good and was grateful and relieved.


When we had spoken she advised it was a paypal transaction but since my only experience using paypal has been on the internet, I have only ever seen paypal transactions in that format and have only ever seen any paypal transactions made appear in my normal paypal account.  I haven't ever operated as a paypal merchant and know nothing of how it works - especially in regard to this purchase - consequently, I've been totally unsure of what to do or even if this transaction was a paypal transaction.  It seems like it may have been but given that I felt coerced into making a purchase and then faced much difficulty when I said I'd changed my mind it left me totally unsure of the legitimacy of this transaction being a paypal transaction.


Since the payment was made on 05 July and it's now 12 August, it is well beyond the 30 days mentioned above.


My husband has just searched and found some information about undertaking a paypal resolution and it seems like this may be the way to go.


I'd be grateful if anyone other than the advisor who has been responding could advise what I should do to take this to paypal for resolution.

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Amended subject : need Paypal Resolution




I am raising an official dispute via my credit card company


Then paypal is not involved.


Also you were told it took up to 30 days for a c.c refund, you did not say in your initial post that it had been after 30 days.


And again naming and shaming on this forum and putting a picture of your seller is against paypal rules which you asked about and were told and yet you still have not removed?

Re: Amended subject : need Paypal Resolution

Dear kernowlass, please refrain from contacting me on this message board or in any other way.  I have completed and sent an official Paypal complaint form about this and await their response.

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Amended subject : need Paypal Resolution



I will respond when I wish to.

I have given you correct advice and you are one that has broken paypal rules.


Feel free to report me,  but as I have done nothing wrong apart from give my opinion which you objected to, (although you feel you are entitled to give yours) then I will continue to give it.


I see you still have not removed the post naming and shaming the seller against paypal rules? Please remove it


Suggest you read this  >>


There are circumstances that may result in your post being removed, warnings, removal of permissions, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the Community.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to:


  • Including your own or another person's contact information, physical address, email address, full name, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information in a post