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PayPal claim granted in my favour

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Opened a case against a seller who sold me an item and stated it was new when it arrived it was covered in dog hairs and food stains. I escalated to a claim and PayPal told me to return to seller which I did providing tracking number. Seller received item and PayPal granted in my favour a full refund which I received then a day later I received an email from PayPal saying they have requested information from the seller so I sign in to my PayPal thinking this is an error and the case would be closed only it isn't it's started back from the beginning. I don't understand this as I received my refund. Can anyone advise on why PayPal has started the claim from the beginning

PayPal claim granted in my favour



Hi Caz1768,

Thanks for posting in the forum and apologies for the delay.  Sorry to hear about this confusion this has caused. If you still need clarification, the best option would be to contact us via Facebook or Twitter: @AskPayPal or from the Contact us option in your PayPal account. This will ensure that we can follow up on this.




PayPal claim granted in my favour


Might be in a similar situation in the future. Let me know how things work out!


Did you try checking the date of the email? Also, has the refund entered your bank a/c? 


What does the "pending date" on the dispute/claim say? 

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