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Outstanding Balance

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I ordered £77 worth of products from eBay on a "buy now, pay later" meaning that the cash does not come out of my bank account for two weeks - however I did not have the cash available two weeks later and PayPal covered the costs of my expenditure putting me £77 overdrawn with PayPal. However, the cash was taken from my bank account a few days later to purchase the eBay products but PayPal is still asking for the £77 - how do I fix this as I do not wish to pay £154 for my purchases 😕 I have also attempted to transfer the £77 to my PayPal on the 14th (before the bank paid the eBay costs) and it still says "pending" - will I be charged double or can I remove these costs from my PayPal?

Outstanding Balance


Hi paroberts91,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about this.


You should only have been debited once to resolve your negative balance of -£77, but if you can see two debits made from your bank account, we'd be glad to look into this if you contact Customer Support directly, as we are unable to view specific account details from here.


Thanks in advance


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