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Non-receipt claim on a gift payment?

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Hey, today i saw that the money i received is now on "held" and the dispute/claim has been opened for a gift transaction. That guy said he didn't receive the item and he wants his money back. I don't know what is he talking about since it was a gift transaction. There is no tracking number, there was nothing to be shipped and i sold him nothing.


When i click on respond to claim i get 3 options:

- Issue the buyer a full refund.
- I can provide compelling evidence (ex., Tracking information for delivered goods).
- Provide proof that the buyer has already been refunded.


Since the money has been sent as gift and i didn't sell him anything, i can't provide tracking information or anything like that. Help please...


Also, here is the link to a pretty much the same situation -


I didn't call the support like this guy did, but i have sent an email about it.




Non-receipt claim on a gift payment?


Hello there,


I'm pretty sure you can't open a dispute/claim on gift payments. As they're gift payments have you doubled checked the payment details? Incase he didn't send it as a gift just sent a fee aswell, So it looked like a gift payment?


If not, I'd phone up customer services about this. Or give them a email so they can explain to you about this further.


But then I see you have asked this question before in 2013, So makes me wonder if you're asking a genuine question.


Or can you screen shot, The details of the payment, So I can help you a little more?

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