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Money stolen, poor customer service, need advice/help.

New Community Member

Money stolen, poor customer service, need advice/help.

So I was scanning through my transactions when I noticed a payment I had made that I did not recognise for 14 euros to something called

'Seller information

Now I have no clue what the hell this is and clicking on the link leads me to something not even in English, English is all I speak. I have no clue how this payment has been made through my account, naturally I opened an unauthorized payment and changed my password because I certainly did not make this. However I just received an email telling me they are satisfied with my account security so they cannot proceed with it. 

The only option the reply gave me was 'If you're unhappy with a particular purchase, we encourage you to work with your seller to find a resolution. If a product you purchased never arrived or was significantly not as described, you may be entitled to open a dispute in the Resolution Centre and be covered by our Buyer Protection.'


Even though I did not purchase this I tried it because I want my money back, it has been stolen, however it tells me 'You have already identified an issue with this transaction. Please visit the Resolution Center to view the status of your open cases.' When I go to the resolution center, it is just empty, no cases. I have no way of pursuing this, the customer service is awful, no common sense is being used and I am stuck in an endless cycle, is there anybody who can give me information what to do next?

I mean I know it's only 14 euros but this is not the first time I have had money stolen from me through Paypal and I am fed up of this, we should not have to deal with this.

All the best, thank you to whoever takes the time.