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How can I tackle this? Negative balance.

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I previously held money for someone with no issues at all, transaction were fine and I never had an issue with him. Now he told me that I was going to recieve £50 and he wanted to be somewhat of a Middleman, I used my account to buy him something. Now a few days later I got a notification regarding the original £50 that was sent to me has been fully refunded to the sender. The email said I had 7 days to act, but it was already sent and closed. I have been trying to contact the one who I held the money for but now he has f**ked me over and is ignoring all of my messages. I don't have a spare £50 laying around to through onto paypal to resolve this. 


Today I got an email saying that I need to restore the negative balance, but I don't have £50 to spare and if I don't they may send my details of to a 3rd party collection agency. 


How can I sort this out?

Edit: I start my new job in a few months, How can I contact PayPal so I can pay the money back in 3 months time


How can I tackle this? Negative balance.

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You fell for a classic scam. Why would they not use their own paypal account to buy stuff?


If you contact customer services they may well hold off selling on the debt if you say you will pay it back in 3 months  >>>


Click on the words "Contact" at the bottom of your paypal account summary page and use the phone option (if there is one in the country you are in) > click on the "call us" option on the left (fees "may" apply so check the cost with your phone tariff first, as you sometimes have to wait a while to connect).

When you get through don't select any options just hang on till you get transfered to an agent or say the word "agent".

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.

How can I tackle this? Negative balance.


Ok, thanks for the help, I should have known. I was friends with him previously for about a year, through I could've trusted him because I have had no issues in the past. 

I have emailed asking to see if I can extend the time for me to pay the money. If I don't get a reply today, I will be sure to contact them over the phone.


Thanks again.

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