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HELP. Charge back from fraudster.

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I sold a mobile phone in good faith on eBay The buyer has put in a chargeback claim. They are Saying that they didn't autherise this. I have contacted PayPal with all the evidence that this was sent and signed off on delivery. Also the messages to and from this buyer. The buyer wanted to collect the phone from me but I said NO. I post it. So she asked if I could possibly send it to her work then as she is hardly home due to heavy loads at work and she gave me the address stating that she was the assistant manager. I agreed. Now I have this claim against me and -£390 on my PayPal balance. I have given all the proof I have to PayPal and they said I need to go to a small claims court. This isn't fair. I can't afford that and I am on disability allowance. How is this allowed to happen to me? What can I do?

HELP. Charge back from fraudster.

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Why if your buyer asked to collect it did you not say YES AND ACCEPT CASH ON COLLECTION??


I love buyers that collect and pay cash then i don't get paypal fees. If she had paid already then you could have refunded and asked for cash on collection.


Your second mistake was to send to another address. For paypal seller protection you have to send to the buyers paypal registered address.


Unfortunately you have not given ''all proof'' as the main proof was that tracking showed delivery to the buyers PAYPAL REGISTERED ADDRESS.


You need to read up on paypal seller protection to make sure you qualify for it before selling.

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