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Friends and Family confusing refund.

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Hello to everyone,


If i buy something from a guy using friends and family otpion, paypal cant offer me protection.


So if i got scammed , i just lose me money.Right? I think that's clear.




But what about chargeback ? And what about if the guy that scammed me is from Greece ?


If he has low paypal balance how bank can take the money from credit account when they has blocked

translations out of coyntry ? ( capital control )



PS i am a bit confused about how chargeback works


thank you


Friends and Family confusing refund.

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If you file a chargeback via YOUR CREDIT CARD and your card company agrees you have been scammed then they refund you as that is part of your card protection and they try and get the funds back from the buyer to reimburse themselves.



However they "may" not find in your favour if you did not actually buy anything and just sent a "gift" to someone via paypal.







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Friends and Family confusing refund.


Just an money gift send via paypal.



No items or staff buyed. Just send some money to someone via paypal.

Friends and Family confusing refund.


Hello there.


If you're buying something from someone why in the world would you mark it as a gift? Chargeback might not work as you sent the payment as a gift. Which basically means your okay with giving them the money.


Tell the buyer you want to pay with goods and services, He's also trying to get out of paying his fee's. If he's genuine he would be okay with this.


Good luck 🙂

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