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Email informing about unauthorised payment

New Community Member

Email informing about unauthorised payment



I have received the following e-mail from this e-mail address: (I am spelling the @ as AT because otherwise PayPal would not let me post this message)




Your £82.55 GBP payment made for the game FarmVille on Facebook Inc. is being processed.

Because of our geographic detector recorded this payment as being made from an unknown ip we had to put the payment on hold.

If you did not authorize this payment and you want to cancel, please login and complete the form requested.

Thank you for your understanding. 



I do not use FarmVille. The e-mail address and the letter formatting look suspicious, therefore I do not click on the link. Luckily, I current have no money on my PayPal. However, I fear weather there might be some hacking activity towards my bank account.


Could you please help me figure out what I should do in this case?


Many thanks!


Best wishes,






Re: Email informing about unauthorised payment

Hi there,


Welcome to the PayPal Community.


Our emails will always address you by your full name and never ask you to provide personal information by clicking on a link. From the information you provided me with I can confirm the email is not from PayPal.


-David R