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Hi everyone


Right i could really do with some advice. I recently sold a fire surround on ebay, i put on the listing collection only due to size and weight. A buyer from london bought it, im in south yorkshire, i messaged him to ask when he would like to collect. he said he would send a courier to collect so i wrapped it up and the courier collected fri just gone, yesterday i received a message from buyer stating the item was not what i stated, it was a fire surround like i stated i has posted 4 detailed photos on the listing. He said he could not use it with his fire as he had an open fire, the surround is for aa electric fire, he never asked me prior by buying. So he has opened a case against me, so i told paypal all what happened. I have offered the buyer his money back if he sends the fire surround back to me, i dont feel im responsable for him being in london the item was collection only. He refuses to return the surround, has demanded not only his money but courier fees too and now is making threats saying he knows where i live and he will make sure i never sell again. I dont know what to do for the best?


Re: Disbute

Hey there,


Welcome to the community donnalou72.


If a dispute is opened for the item arriving not as described the only way your buyer would receive a refund in this scenario is if the item is returned to you at the buyers cost.


The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs. And if the item is returned to you then only the original payment you received will be refunded, no more.


Do come back and let me know how you get on. 

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