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Claim "granted"

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My partner sold a sat nav on ebay and posted it by courier.  The item was signed for by the buyer.  1 1/2 hours after being signed for, Paypal sent him an email to respond in payal to the buyers request for a refund as the item was alleged to be 'not as decribed'.  (The fault with the item was very clearly stated in the listing)  We checked his paypal and the dispute had been closed.  The status is showing "GRANTED" and The Reason is showing  "You confirmed that you already received the item."


He has had no contact with the buyer whatsoever.  He has not had the item returned.  The only contact with paypal has been the email asking him to respond, and he has NOT taken any action in the resolution centre and the dispute case was closed the same day !


Has anyone else had this situation with paypal opening and closing a dispute in the same day with no response made by you ?  Im beginning tp wonder if his account has been hacked.  I cant see any comments/responses supposedly made by us as the seller but cant understand the comment of "You confirmed that you already received the item." showing on the case.


Thanks for your help 🙂




Claim "granted"


Hello there,


Best thing to do would be to ring up PayPal as we user's on this site don't have any access to your account infomation. So we don't know the full story. PayPal will be able to tell you why it got closed in their favor, But just give them a ring and they will help you. Also if they don't help, Keep ringing until they do help, Some agents are more helpful then others.


Good Luck 🙂

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