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Buyer create Fake Accusation and file a Dispute.

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I have provided the proof where the buyers was actually scamming the seller by trying to files a dispute after he brought the items like 4 months ago!
I screenshot the conversation between me and buyer, and screenshot that I have attached him the files, and the buyers is clearly been using the files for some times already before he create the dispute!
Why was it Paypal still allow such dispute action? 
it's unfair, as I have provided the proof where the buyer was actually create some fake reasons to claim back the money after he brought the items from seller?
The buyers has been doing the same thing to other paypal users!
Buyers purchased items, and create a fake reason to files a dispute, and Paypal allowed such action and refunded the buyer!
That's unfair! Paypal refunded the money just because the buyers said "it's not as described!" 
What the **bleep**? without even any evidences or proof that what he said was valid ??
not to mention, the buyer is not even a verified account. **bleep** unfair !!
What's the point still using Paypal to sell services/goods if they have failed to identify these fake accusation and have 0 protection toward seller ??
Basically I can just buy everything in the world using Paypal, used them for months after i received, then I can simply file a dispute and said "Item isn't the same as described" , "didnt received the files", "not working"

Buyer create Fake Accusation and file a Dispute.


Hi Emistry,

Thanks for posting in the forum and apologies for the delay. Sorry to hear that this happened. If the case was a dispute in which the buyer stated that the item was not as described, we would usually ask for information from the buyer to confirm that the item is indeed significantly different. For what you mention at the end of the post, the issue may have been reported as "not received" instead. When a seller  has information that shows that the items were delivered to the buyer, it is possible to appeal the outcome of the case within 10 days since it was closed. 


Buyer create Fake Accusation and file a Dispute.


althought my current case is closed, but there are few points which I believe its worth to debat here.


  1. buyer purchased virtual product and purposely file a dispute after months of using it.
  2. buyer intend to retrieve back the money he spent and accused it's "Not as described/delivered"
  3. buyer trying to scam seller through paypal loophole.


from the forum that I have participated for years, I meet this buyer who try to get a refund on everything he has brough over the past 6 months. He did that to alot of members and everyone is raging about it because paypal believed him and refund all the money to this buyer.


They provided the proof to paypal, but paypal take it as "not evidence". Paypal claimed that these evidence aren't valid enough to proof the users has received the virtual product.

I am trying to say that, how you guys determine the virtual product isn't as described? we even provided a full conversation which I believe it's good enough to prove the users is  using it for the past few months. Doesn't its good enough to proove it ?

if the buyer said it's not as described, why has not the buyer file a dispute at the very beginning? why after 3 ~ 6 months ?


Paypal just simply hold the money and intend to refund it whenever the buyer file a dispute with "not as described" this has been a legendary story among all the paypal member.  Paypal alway bias toward buyer, protecting the buyers while earn the money from both side mainly the seller.


The seller are normally get charged more than the buyer but has less protection toward them. what a sad case did by paypal.



The Paypal system are too stupid sometime. When the paypal did actually asked me for a Shipment Tracking Information but I was providing virtual products to seller, and the system is too clever to keep continue ask me to provide the information but the system actually doesn't allow me to update/provide any info.


Btw, so I have to print out a hardcopy and mail to buyer next time, a thousand pages of source coding when buyer buy a software or coding or scripts ?


Paypal should have revise the policy and provide better protection toward seller.


and last, please do not answer any phone call like a stupid robot. Althought there are manual or guideline to answer customer services, but please do make yourself look like a stupid robot. 

Wasting my time to explain the situation while the goddamn robot just denied all my information.



What a disappointed moment with Paypal after all these year of using it/supporting it.


Buyer create Fake Accusation and file a Dispute.

New Community Member

Same thing happened to me, today I received an email from Paypal saying that a buyer filed a dispute against me as a seller claiming that the items received are fake in which he already had for 7 days and he even made more purchases from me. He paid all of that thru paypal but the other items that he ordered was not yet received coz its still on their custom office in Japan. So how can he say that the items are fake even if he did not see it yet? And how come that he added more purchases when he's accusing me that my items are fake. He just waited for me to ship the items to his location before he file the dispute so that its easier for him to take the items coz its already there. Now I'm sending him emails and did not receive even 1 response from him. And this Paypal is holding my funds and was about to make a refund even if they're not yet making any investigation.


I just want to know the result of your case Emistry so that I will have an idea what to do next, because the amount of my transaction is almost $2,000.

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