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Akinika debt recovery suspected scam

BD3 New Community Member
New Community Member

Akinika debt recovery suspected scam

Hi received a lettter out of nowhere today from Akinika, claims they are recovering over £1700 of debt from me to Paypal business.

My Paypal acount shows balance as £0.00

I have no recollection of ever using Paypal Business and is not fully setup in my account.

Is this a scam?


Re: Akinika debt recovery suspected scam

Hi BD3,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.


I can confirm that Akinika Recovery Services is a collection agency working on behalf of PayPal. It is possible that you had an older account which owed money. This agency will ask you to repay the amount owed, while providing you with a range of payment options.


If you are concerned about providing this company with details you can get in touch with our internal team on 0208 6100 150. They will be able to confirm what's happening. You can also reach out to Akinika directly to ensure that the request is genuine. Their contact number is 01 772 832188.


I hope this helps.