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£1088.80p taken from my paypal account.

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Or atleast tried too, Today i had 4 emails which stated You have sent a payment i didnt click on them and went straight into my PP and sure enough three were to one person £500 £300 £200 and another to another person for £88.80, Immediatly rang paypal only to be told offices were closed !! Thanks PP !!


I had a 5th email telling me the £88.80 had been accepted.


They also tried to transfer £500 funds from my bank to their own but it was denied as they first tried an old card thats defunct


So rang my bank and they stopped the DD from PP and stopped my card so hopefully the payments wont go through.


I am pretty savvy and know not to click on emails or links in emails claiming to be from PP or my bank etc infact i have reported quite a few over the past few years.


The two email address and names in the recent activity i do not know and i am sure they do not know me either.


I formatted my PC and laptop and changed email passwords then PP and my bank passwords and changed security questions etc [In that order]


I have put in unauthorized transaction disputes but god knows how long this will take, Surly PP can tell where the payments where sent from [IP address] and who the payments were sent too they must have these peoples address on file ?


The one email address threw up a name on facebook but with only the same first name, Surname was different.


So, Now my bank has stopped the card and DD from PP am i safe in the knowledge these scumbags wont get my money ?




£1088.80p taken from my paypal account.


Thanks for your help Smiley Frustrated

£1088.80p taken from my paypal account.


Hi Stapler,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and very sorry to hear about this.


PayPal offers 100% protection for any unauthorised payments made using your account. This means that you will be refunded in full for these transactions.


We will generally make a credit to your balance after we've verified that the transactions were not made by you, as it can take up to 10 days for us to fully review an unauthorised report. If you have any other questions or concerns, I would recommend contacting Customer Support directly.


Hope this helps


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