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What if a buyer uses a stolen credit card?

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This is my firs time selling an item and using PayPal.  Can I require that a buyer put CASH in their account rather than using a credit card?  If a credit card is used, I get my money, and I send the item.....and then the cedit card turns out to be fraudulently used, can I be required to give back the money...even though the item was sent to buyer?


What if a buyer uses a stolen credit card?

PayPal Employee

Welcome PAR


You are very wise to ask these questions up front as having this information will make your selling experience much better.  When you accept PayPal you are essentially allowing the buyer to send you a payment via any means that PayPal supports.  This includes bank transfers, balance payments, or credit/debit cards. 


You can not force the buyer to pay one way versus another.  If the buyer were to use a stolen credit card to make a purchase you very well could be held liable which means you could lose the item and the money.  The very best way to protect yourself is to become familiar with our 'Seller Protection' policy and how it applies to you.  This information can be found in our 'Legal Agreements' under section 13.


While Seller Protection will not protect you 100%, it does take a lot of the worry out of the transaction process so that even if something does occur you will typically be covered rather than taking the loss.  I have included a link below to our Legal Agreements.



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