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OnBux PTC Scam

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I recently invested in what seemed to be a safe paid to click site. Recently the website has violated its own terms of service, it has stopped paying its members and is turning into a scam site. I am no longer able to recieve payments dispite following the program guidlines closely.


Many other paypal users are having the same problem here, where I also posted:


I need to open a dispute after the 45 day waiting period, I have been scammed out of my investment.


On 11/02/15 at 12:24 I bought an ultimate membership.

This is the only refund I am lookjing for, I am willing to take a loss if I can get the bulk of my investment back.


Purchases were made using my Credit Card via PayPal, some using small amounts of my PayPal Balance.


OnBux does have a policy where if you invest using one Payment Processor you cannot withdraw using the other. Meaning I since I invested my 1100 dollars using PayPal I can no longer request a Payout.paymentrules.png


Many review sites are starting to shed light on this fact.





Here is the Payment Rule, which suggests you can request a Payout via PayPal, which you haven't been able to do for days. 




This is the Payout Screen and has been the same for days:



PayPal we have been done a serious injustice, times are hard and everyone is looking for ways to make money, not 3 months ago this website, OnBux, was completely legitimate. Now thousands of people have money invested in a site that is in violation of their own ToS. Even suggesting that Payment is available is violation, it is my understanding that OnBuxs' PayPal account has been frozen.


For anyone else interested, there are some groups forming class action lawsuits against OnBux Ltda. the more people the pursue this, the more money we will recover from this scammer.



Thank You, looking forward to a response.


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