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Item marked as delievered but i never received it. do i have a case with paypal???

Item marked as delievered but i never received it. do i have a case with paypal???


Hi all!!


I order a 800 dollar item off ebay and i never received it in the mail. the seller used priority shipping via usps with tracking (which i hear is no tracking at all) the website shows the package was delievered, however i never received my package.

Now! the problem is i shipping this package to an unconfirmed address because i was going away and i wanted someone else to pick this up on my behalf. I never got the package in the mail but it shows delievered (honestly! i never did). my question is


1. do i have a case with paypal if i file a claim??? will i get refunded for this even though it says it delivered and i never received this


2. signature confirmation was NOT used for this item, instead deliverey confirmation was used. (paypal requires signature confirmation for items over 200 bucks)


3. should i, (the buyer) be contacting the postal services wondering where my item is or should that be the sellers responsibility! the item is insured by the way.


your response and knowledge will be greatly appreciated! thanks.

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kitschdan Contributor
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Re: Item marked as delievered but i never received it. do i have a case with paypal???

Yes, you should have a case with paypal.  An item of that high value requires a signature to prove delivery.


Delivery confirmation does not prove delivery.  


It is the responsibility of the seller and paypal to follow up with the postal service in searching for your parcel, it is NOT your responsibility.  However, sellers on ebay in particular tend to ignore their responsibilities in this regard due to poor ebay policy.  Ebay frequently uses delivery confirmation to tell if something is delivered, even though the resolution department knows how undependable the info from USPS is.  


I have had the exact same thing happen to me twice, and both times ebay blamed me for it.  The first time it happened to me the USPS had the parcel the entire time, and 2 months later sent it back to the seller.  I had been denied seller protection because delivery confirm said "delivered" even though I never got it.


It happened to me again recently, in an entirely different neighborhood, and again I was turned down by ebay and paypal (items were valued less than $250, so signature was not an issue).  But my bank says you have to have signature delivery on items over $50, so I got the $ back from my bank through chargeback dispute.


You should always use your creditcard or checkcard to make your purchases through paypal, so that you have chargeback rights through your bank if paypal and ebay fail you.  


Since your purchase was over $250, if there is no signature, paypal should back you in getting the $ back.  If they fail to do so, if you used your creditcard on paypal to make the purchase, you should go to your bank and file a dispute directly with your bank.


Good luck!

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Re: Item marked as delievered but i never received it. do i have a case with paypal???

Thanks for your response!


So are you saying because it says it was delivered then I may have no case???


The seller is contacting USPS for the package. I have my credit card and checking account associated with my paypal account but when I make a payment the funds are withdrawn from the checking account and if I don't have the full funds available in my checking, funds will be withdrawn from my credit card. So I don't know if that gives me the chargeback rights. Honestly! I Am more concerned about the package than the money. I was really really looking forward to getting this item. Now am beyond frustrated. Please help! What should I do????



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Moderator PayPal_Olivia Moderator
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Re: Item marked as delievered but i never received it. do i have a case with paypal???

Hi prophreshzional, and welcome to the forums!


If the seller is working with you, that's always the best case scenario. Responsive sellers are the best sellers. If your time starts winding down (you have 45 days from the date of the transaction to file a dispute), or of the seller is non-responsive or otherwise uncooperative, you should file a dispute regardless of whether or not the tracking shows delivery. The best way to keep PayPal in the loop when a seller is not performing is with the dispute process.


If the cost of the item exceeded $250 and there is no signature confirmation, then you are in good shape, like kitschdan said. It is the seller's responsibility to get signature confirmation on costly items, to prevent the shipper from simply leaving it on a doorstep.


I hope this helps!



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