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Delivery confirmation numbers not showing up in comment history

I returned an electornic item that isn't the one I ordered. I entered the DC number in the comments. I esculated the claim, and denied the partial refund because the shipping was free, no charge. The seller is trying to deduct $3.99 for shipping. I don't believe the package cost that much to ship. Unsuspecting this hassle, I didn't write it down.

Picture in the listing, isn't the item nor does it have the brand name as advertised. It doesn't even fit right.


Now Paypal says since I denied the partial refund, I may not recover any of my money at all!


I look at the comments, Nothing, No DC number.

I click on tracking info, nothing there to enter the DC numbers.

I can't take a chance that Paypal will review the entire dispute to see the DC numbers.


What now?

Call Paypal for another Major Hassle!?




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Re: Delivery confirmation numbers not showing up in comment history

Enter the DC number again?

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