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Am I going to lose my dispute - advice please


Am I going to lose my dispute - advice please

Here is the situation, I sell an iphone through ebay, winner bidder is from portugal, new member zero feedback ( hindsight is a wonderful and yes I now know I should have just cancelled his bid)


He pays promptly through paypal, but not through ebay.


I post on the agreed shipment method, royal mail 1st class airmail.  Low and behold he says he never recieved the item.


Proof of postage kept and uploaded to the disptue.


I am a long standing user of ebay 893 feedback, 270 as a seller, 100% positive.


Am i on a loser as it wasnt posted via a trakced method even though I have written confirmation he was happy with the 1st class airmail?


Also in his messages he states he has paid other sellers through ebay, but is a new member, zero feedback, sounds fishy to me....


Anyway, proof of postage, ebay messages etc uplaoded to the dispute.


So i lose purely becuase it wasnt sent tracked or are the full facts acutally looked at?


Please offer some advice and tell me some common sense and fairness is applied in these sistuations

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