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ordered what i thought from the website above a childrens pool and got a rubber ring instead from china obviously they are frauding us hard working people but i feel paypal are not stepping in enough to put a stop to these people i want a refund so they have asked me to post this item which costs 1.99 in our local shop back to china this is the way they must work to keep our money as they know when we recieve this item it has no value so we bin it and happy days they have our 31.99 and laughing all the way to the bank how can we put a stop to this thanks

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Hi Mick1702,

Thanks for contacting us and welcome to our community. I am sorry to know that you have received the item which is different from what was ordered. In this situation, we recommend you to file the dispute by following the steps given in the link here

I hope this helps

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