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Well, you may add me to the list. I (Mr. Careful 🙄) fell for it as well. I had the same experience, same actions, then submitted my request to PayPal on 8/5/20:

"Re: Clorox scam

I placed order on 31 July in the amount of $52.18 with PayPal. Credit card was charged a different amount of $59.00. I received notice from PayPal that order was shipped with a USPS tracking #. When I tracked, I found the package with that number was already delivered on 29 July, 2 days before the Clorox order was placed (copy attached). I logged into the reputed Clorox website <Edited>, where I placed the order. All references, contacts and credentials appeared in order. I reported the problem through the online customer service (copy attached). Having received no response, I investigated further to find that is a fake online store claiming to sell Clorox wipes and other disinfecting products.

Therefore, I report this to you for your records and request that this transaction be canceled and the $59.00 charge be refunded.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance."

My last PayPal Response:

"Hello <DES77>,

After having reviewed all the details, and based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your case. This decision was made because the dispute was submitted with insufficient information/documentation to support the claim and we were unable to obtain the required information/documentation after requesting it from you."

All my responses were complete and on point, just like y'all. So, "as a valued customer, we want to give you an opportunity to provide us with additional information that could change the outcome of this case. If you have information that may help us decide this case in your favor, please send it to us. To provide us with additional information, go to the Resolution Center."

I am proceeding to the Resolution Center. If anyone who has already gone through this drill about your Clorox dispute and has some guidance, I would most appreciate it. Thank you.


Re: Scam

I also fell for the same scam and still waiting on resolution
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Re: Scam

I fell for the scam as well and your experience is almost identical to my experience.  The Paypal Resolution Center is a joke and of absolutely no help.  The only tip I can provide is to go through your credit card company or bank to report the problem.  I have reported the issue to my credit card company who is disputing the transaction and will hopefully get the charge reversed.  I have had my Paypal account for many years now and this is the first problem that I have had to report to them.  Their customer service and ability to help has been horrible.  Because of this I will no longer use Paypal to make purchases.  They are supposed to be the more secure way to purchase, but that appears not to be true.  They have failed to provide many of us with the protections for which we utilize their services.  I am actually considering closing my Paypal account because of this; that's how horrible an experience this has been with them.  The only reason I am considering leaving my account open is because I have family members that I receive and send money to via Paypal, but there are other options for this, which I will be exploring.  Good luck to everyone who.  I hope you get your hard earned money back.

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Re: Scam

I had this happen to me too. I filed a dispute with PayPal and they denied it. I did the online chat with PayPal several times and they opened the dispute again...I was denied again. I got them to open a third dispute but they told me I had to wait for the "seller" to contact me. I spent hours on PayPal trying to get my money back.


The only thing that finally helped was to contact my bank. My bank got my money back for me. I am seriously considering closing my PayPal account. This was a terrible experience and not reassuring to know that anyone can open a PayPal account and rip people off this way. I thought PayPal protected their customers better than this but I was wrong.