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Did you mean: Another Fake Chinese Scam Website Selling Non-Existent Lysol Products.

Contributor Another Fake Chinese Scam Website Selling Non-Existent Lysol Products.

Lysol Cleaning Products and Tips | Lysol ( is another Chinese operated FRAUDULENT, SCAM, website selling non-existent Lysol products. website was created on November 23rd, 2020. <removed>  The Chinese scam website has since been shut down by the FTC.


I ordered a 12 can case of Lysol disinfectant spray for $82.00 back on November 9th. 


On November 20th, I received a small brown package with a USPS tracking number, and inside the package was a tiny black and white toy from a company named BFE Corporation, Los Angeles, CA. I did not realize the importance of the package until I filed a complaint and refund with Paypal on December 1st.


Paypal completed their investigation on December 28th, ruling in favor of the Chinese scam seller BECAUSE the seller provided a "USPS tracking number" with my order, therefore, showing proof that my order was delivered, and therefore, I was not entitled to a refund, even though I sent a photo of USPS package with the tracking number showing exactly what I received.  Paypal still denied my claim and refund for $82.00.


What really **bleep** me off about not getting my refund was the fact that I provided ABSOLUTE PROOF with a photo attachment showing what was inside the small brown package (not 12 cans of Lysol disinfectant spray), as compared to what I ordered, and Paypal still denied my claim and refund.


What Paypal fails to realize is that when someone receives a delivered package with a tracking number from USPS, FedEx, or UPS, the tracking number DOES NOT show what's inside the package unless the recipient has x-ray vision.


Shame on Paypal!!!!!


Bob <removed>

Fremont, California <removed>

Tuesday 19 January 2021 @ 14:06


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Re: Another Fake Chinese Scam Website Selling Non-Existent Lysol Products.



Did you open a dispute for non receipt of item by mistake instead of item received but not as described ie different item???

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Re: Another Fake Chinese Scam Website Selling Non-Existent Lysol Products.

The same happened to me. I also bought from an advertising on f/b. It is possible to be the same crooks company with different name. In my case the decision of Paypal was that I have to ship the item back!!!!  to the seller, paying the post fees, that is not a small amount although I send every evidence (photos, agreement papers e.t.c) . To return the wrong item back to the seller on my own expenses, is not an obligation for me as buyer, if the item is different than that it was on the order. As I can see, this is a systematic procedure of some crooks that gain money playing this game, and Paypal either cannot understand or found it very convenient to imitate that cannot understand. Paypal, became the best partner of those crooks, taking decision on favour of the crooks, instead of protecting the customers. It is value for money, isn't it?

Gentlemen of Paypal, if you think that customers are idiots you are absolutely wrong!! You will see your numbers to drop down very soon as you follow those practices!!  Your obligation is to protect your customers, as this is the only service you offer. If not, there is not any reason of your existence. 

I spread everywhere that case, and already I received messages of more than 100 persons that they will never again use Paypal for their transactions. The target is the number to become to thousands. 

p.s. and yes, for any person asking, I spot the choice ''I received an item that does not match the seller's description.''