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withdraw funds after 180 days email from paypals


withdraw funds after 180 days email from paypals


Alright I got an email from paypal saying 180days have passed and I can withdraw funds to a bank account but I dont have one attached,if I add one will I be able to withdraw and then remove it?

I also looked for the check option and I dont have it in my paypal account

I dont see a request check option here

so how could I possible withdraw the money in my account?



Re: withdraw funds after 180 days email from paypals

Hi SpeedBalls,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! 


If your account has been limited but 180 days have passed and you received the confirmation that your funds are available to be transferred, you would have the option to add a local or US bank account to withdraw your balance. Here you can find the instructions on how to add your bank.


Unfortunately, for Greece, there is no option to request a check to withdraw the funds. 


I hope this helps!



Re: withdraw funds after 180 days email from paypals


I have got an email for withdraw my funds but when I go to link my bank account it not allowed, it keep showing error and I call to Paypal Support they told me my account have put a Restriction that make me can't add my bank and I only get one option is withdrawal via Check. Seriously????? I told them I can't withdraw via Check because I'm doing Vacation in other country, I'm not in US now. Please try to help me not to scam people, I have called them about 10 time at first they told me to wait 48hours and then now they told me my account got Restriction can't add my bank, this make me a really mad with Paypal that scamming people.