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why won't you transfer my balance after 180 days?

New Community Member

why won't you transfer my balance after 180 days?

hi, im in need of some help.


my account has been limited for over 6 months since the name and address on my account is incorrect. i was told that i would need to wait 180 days for the funds to become available to withdraw.. that was last week and im not having problems getting my funds.


i can't link my bank to my paypal so that isn't an option. I've called them twice and they've told me i can transfer my balance to a new paypal ( first time i was told 48 hours) and the money wasn't transferred. i then called again and asked for it to be sent to a family member since i thought there might had been an issue with my new paypal and once again nothing was sent. I am desperate for money right now and i have nearly £200 waiting for me and has been there for over half a year and phone call after phone call nothing is being done. no emails or nothing please can someone help