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why is money on hold, account limited?

New Community Member

why is money on hold, account limited?

i had opened a paypal account at the beginning of the month.  Added 3 bank accounts and a debit card to get verified.  Received one $10 payment from a friend on Oct 5, 2020.


I get emails from paypal coercing me to send my government benefits to my new paypal cash direct deposit. After about a dozen emails, I take a dive in and have my florida benefits sent there.


On Oct 10, 2020, florida sends my benefits to my paypal account. couple of hours later i get a restricted account notice.  Telling me i have to upload my ID and bank statements to unrestrict my account.  i had recently moved from texas to florida so i didn't have my florida license yet.  i sent my texas license and bank statement with florida address on it.


An hour later, i get notice that due the actiivty of my account, paypal is closing it and holding my money for 180 days.


so what the heck?  the activity on my account is why paypal chose to close it?  2 transactions.  both depsosits.


so has this happened to other folks that depend on benefits to survive?


i can't contact anyone, email or call anyone.