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when to close a clame?

New Community Member

when to close a clame?

greetings. I have returned by post an item to china because it was a wrong delivery. The seller agreed to refund as soon as the item arrives there. The PayPal say that case will be closed on a certain day. At the same time it advises not to close case till refund is in my account. The item will take a few weeks with the post. As you can see this is contradictory. Can you please tell me what is the correct procedure? Thanks.


Re: when to close a clame?

Hi @dkholargos,


Thanks for stopping by the Community! That's a great question. Generally when you're asked to return an item, the case should be closed around the same time the item is confirmed to be delivered. If any issues arise, though, I would recommend getting in touch with our customer support team by selecting Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page. I hope this can all be settled soon.


Take care,


- Celeste S.