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unauthorised transaction


unauthorised transaction

HI all

I recently had an unathorised transaction on my account.  $158.32 USD

As soon as it occurred I realised and contacted paypal via the resolution centre.

They promptly agreed it was unauthorisedHOWEVER they only refunded me $150 USD.

I dont' see why I should be out of pocket at all for a transactoin that paypal agreed was unathorised.

I am unable to make any kind of contact - the case is marked as closed, the message centre is just automated answers, there's no phone number to ring - I'm just goign round in circles.

any ideas?

Many thanks


Re: unauthorised transaction

Hi @plainbadluck,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


In general, once we accept a claim for an unauthorised payment, we would refund the full amount. Was the amount charged to two different funding sources? If yes, please check both payment methods as refunds are always issued the original funding source. Otherwise, it could be that fees were charged at the time of the payment. For example, this can happen if the payment was sent in a different currency. If that is the case, I would recommend reaching out to our Customer Service directly. If you want to contact our Customer Service, you can click ‘Help & Contact’ at the bottom of any PayPal page to see which options are available. You can also contact us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@AskPayPal).


I hope this helps.



Re: unauthorised transaction

I'm sorry this really feels as though you did not read my statement in the first instancew

AS I"ve already said, the transaction was a total of USD 158.35 and I got refunded a total of USD 150.00 It was the one transaction and I am NOT factoring in exchange rates = just what I was debited in US dollars and what I was reimbursed in US dollars

I find your suggestion to go to help and contact somewhat disingenuous becuase as I'm sure you know ( and I have already alluded to) this does not take you through to an acutal person any longer - they are all proforma robotic responses which is no help at all.

Also as previously stated I CANNOT open a disupte because it's already been marked as closed.

Surely a moderator would usnderstand these processes?

I"m sorry but you seem more focussed on beign seen to reply than actually offering a solution that will work.

I dont' have a twitter or facebook account and it seems outrageous that I need to open a social media accoutn to get paypal to reimburse me in full for a transaction they immediately identified as fraudulent