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unauthorised payments


unauthorised payments

i looked at my bank account yesterday and found 5 paypal payments labeled DD in last 6 days totalling almost £4000 . I logged into Paypal and apparently a managed payment was set up on April 1st for £3900 which i had no idea of. I did not set this payment up , so i immediately cancelled it and put in an unauthorised payment claim against each of the 5 payments. I logged in today to find all 5 cases closed and Paypal denying these were unauthorised payments. How in hell can 5 direct debit payments of around £800 each go to the same recipient in 5 days. Paypal know this is not right but wont adsmit it . Why have there been no payments taken out since someone set up this payment on April 1st. Ihave not even had an email back from Paypal . As far as i'm concerned if i didnt set up the payment then it is unauthorised , Paypal's behaviour stinks . What else can i do ? Iam distraught by this


Re: unauthorised payments

Hi tophope,

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.

Your question is very account specific and we would be unable to tell you why your claims were closed over a public forum. I would suggest contacting us via Facebook -, Twitter - @AskPayPal, email or phone and we would be happy to advise.