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think ive been done and lost my exhaust and money

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think ive been done and lost my exhaust and money

Hi 8 days ago I bought a exhaust off Facebook market , I paid £40 Goods and services but the tracking number said my item had arrived 2 days ago , upon looking at the tracking number it was delivered to somewhere in Aylesbury no where near my house in dronfield. The seller said he must have muddled the labels up and promised the correct one but he's  not responding with it and just fobbing me off , hes been active status for the last 2 days but everytime i message i get no answer , I'm wanting a refund as it's clearly not coming or he would have sent a proper tracking reciept. ive asked and asked but no idea what hes playing at
ive messaged paypal but there not responding either i messaged around 12 its now 14.30 is there anyone working
PayPal Employee

Re: think ive been done and lost my exhaust and money

Good day @jamesey04 


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Kindly open a dispute through PayPal if you haven't yet. To be guided, kindly click What if I didn't receive my item or it's not as advertised? 



For additional information, please see links below.


How do I escalate a dispute to a claim? 


What is the difference between a dispute and a claim? 




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