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suggestion: PayPal should not support scam websites


suggestion: PayPal should not support scam websites

First time happened to me I got caught by scammers. Wanted to purchase some clothing, in the checkout process as I always do, I searched for reviews on the web and found out website ecommerce is scam. They never deliver and keep money.

So I pressed cancel on the checkout process on that website and something different happened I wasnt expecting. PAID! 


Nice ripoff 400€ from me.

Contacted store, to cancel my order made by error on their website.

Reply? Thank you for contacting us, they will give me my money back after paypal review.. 



Opened dispute on paypal to cancel the mistaken transaction.

Paypal Denied. 



here is that store.


Seems I lost 400€. 

PayPal should consider supporting scam websites. 

Paypal logo is no longer mark that can guarantee customers safety.

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Re: suggestion: PayPal should not support scam websites



Its the buyers that buy from these scam china web sites that are supporting them not paypal.

Paypal give you 'some' buyer protection but its up to you to risk assess your own transactions.

They cover you for non receipt or not as described (terms and conditions apply as always).

Paypal is a payment processor and any website can add paypal to receive payments, paypal can't vet every single web site/ merchant/ seller/ or company worldwide that adds them as a payment option.

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