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send money to some one by mistake


send money to some one by mistake

Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you guys something and hopefully I can receive help. When I made my PayPal account by mistake I choose US country, and now I am not able to verify my phone number. I am not able to put my money that I have on PayPal, saying it isn't eligible. And I also don't have a bank account. I really need help. I don't know what to do. Also when I try to send money there is no way to use "PayPal balance". I really need help. I live in Saudi Arabia , I also tried make a new PayPal account with SaudiArabia country selected and now I requested them to this account so I transfer them there. But it isn't working not letting me to use the PayPal balance as I said before. All I have is the "money waiting on your PayPal account". I really need help!

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Re: send money to some one by mistake



A U.S paypal account is useless to you.

Its unlikely you can claim the funds to your US paypal balance.

So your best bet is to contact the person that sent you the funds and ask them to file a dispute to get a refund and then pay to your correct account.

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