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seller and paypal team made wrong decision


seller and paypal team made wrong decision

i have transaction with reff trx id 35824767CB853821R. and now open at case id PP-D-105338934


detail problem is. seller list a chip ic : (3 pcs ) DM54LS193J, NATIONAL, each qty with price 15.29usd/qty


and i buy 3qty. total is 45.87usd. so i should be receive 3qty x3chip = 9 chips of DM54LS193J, NATIONAL


but i only receive 3pcs chip of DM54LS193J, NATIONAL


i open case, and made complaint for what missing is 2qty x 3 chip = 6pcs with total amount 15.29usd x2 = 30.58usd


the funny things, seller response agree to refund 30.58usd with returned item while i'm never receive this item!

and paypal team handle me agree with response : Buyers are entitled to a refund once the item is returned because it would be unfair for one party to have both the item and the money.