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I would like to be able to talk to a representative.  I have heard from the company that I filed a dispute with and they are simply just a scam that I need advise, verbal, on what to do and also need to make sure that Paypal is aware of what they have done.  Is it possible to speak with someone?


Re: resolution

i got my refund within few hours, but i'm not sure they took me serious about the site being fraudulent. Now having dispute with ebay, one of their affiliates wont return my money, ebay wont either, now paypal is denying me my money with no reason why, i jumped thru all the hoops created to get my money back, on second appeal now, i just to know now who gets to keep my money, or do all those involved get to keep a share for creating road blocks to keep you from receiving a refund for a returned product that was NOT as described. if their not gonna give me refund they shud atleast send junk product back to me, so i can look at everyday and know why i closed my acct. with all those involved...back to plastic...