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resolution center; very different from e bay transactions


resolution center; very different from e bay transactions

I placed an order with a vendor on a third party website (website misleadingly stated it was located in the US, yet item took weeks due to being sent from china), and the vendor sent me something entirely different than what was ordered.


The vendor ignored my personal emails, so I opened a claim in resolution center.  Vendor offered a 20% refund.  I declined.  As of today, current state is the vendor is offering a full refund if I mail back the items received, hoewver the cost of shipping is exhorbitant), additionally the vendor sent an address in chinese characters that USPS cannot read.


In my experience with ebay, when the seller screws up and sends something you didnt order, THEY pay the return shipping.


The paypal resolution center at the moment is only offering me two options- mail back the items (AT MY COST) for refund, or cancel the dispute and let the seller get away with conning me.


Paypal used to have easy to reach customer service by phone, but apparently that is no longer the case.  I've tried messaging, but no response so far.  Any ideas how to resolve this so that the vendor pays return shipping?

Thanks in advance.