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hi all 

i hope u can help /guide me


I sent a payment today to UK but lady has come back to me saying she cant send the item to me as postage is too expensive, how do I get a refund from her. i just sent her a request for the monies back but she said she has no protection if she refunded me that way , and I cant see another way. can someone help me please ?


Re: refund

Hi  cheffest71

Was it a commercial payment (for goods/services) ?

If so you could create a dispute by going to Help -> Resolution center and then press on the big blue button "report a problem". From there you will be able to choose this transaction and continue. Then you can report it as item not received.

Regarding sellers protection, if she has not sent the item then she really don't need any protection. She could simply just go to her transaction history on PayPal and there will be a refund button on your transaction. If she refunds you that way, there is no risks for her.

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Re: refund



If she is willing to refund but just does not know how to then i would NOT open a dispute straightaway.


First telll her that all she has to do is click on the transaction in her paypal account and the 'refund' option is at the bottom of that details page.

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