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"Your account access is limited"


"Your account access is limited"

Hey guys,


So I live in India and recently


When I go through link -


It says "Your account access is limited" and I don't really know how to complete these steps.

1. Upload a Photo ID, but the problem is that it's asking for Driver's License, Passport & Military ID when I don't really have one (I have PAN Card)


2. Provide Proof of your Address, Again same thing asks for Driver's License & Utility Bill when I don't have one.


3. Confirm Email, It's asking me to upload a document about confirm email, What do you mean? I already verified my email with paypal.


4. Add authorized indian bank account, My account is already linked with a bank account, Still it's asking to resolve?


5. Provide your business information, I don't have one. What should I do?

Volunteer Advisor

Re: "Your account access is limited"



You will need provide the required documents.


Your PAN card should be acceptable for the ID requirement.


I'm going to link a PayPal url with details on what is acceptable for proof of address.


For these other issues you're going to need to ask PayPal support. I'll link their calling and email details. You can also contact them through Facebook and Twitter.