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purchase dispute through ebay


purchase dispute through ebay

Hi Paypal,


I have purchased through ebay an item which wasnt delivered as described and after reaching ebay customer service they guided me to reach paypal to request for refund within money protection policy during 180 days from purchase. I already have checked my account and found no transaction in my paypal account but transaction was done through paypal using a guest account with full details. now i need to submit my refund within dispute process which i cant do it unless reaching paypal customer service in US over phone (expected to keep me on the line for 2 hours) and also i kept messaging paypal mena over facebook without any response 

kindly advise me how can i complete my dispute process and refund my money within paypal protection policy directly !

Hopefully we can get paypal support based on all great reputation for protecting our money ! 

Thanks all

Esteemed Advisor

Re: purchase dispute through ebay



If you need to open a dispute for a 'guest buyer' transaction then you can.......

1. Phone Paypal customer services and see if they will open one for you (difficult at the moment due to covid)
2. Contact your card issuer for a chargeback.

Contact options for Paypal are accessed by clicking help/contact bottom left of Paypal pages...

1. Paypal phones are slowly re-opening and increasing in numbers (you can use the guest option if you can't log in).
2. Live chat is also randomly available.
3. You can send them a message, during business hours you may also be able to message whilst logged out.
4. Have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their Facebook or Twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.


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