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protection_eligibility and address_status IPN not correct?


protection_eligibility and address_status IPN not correct?


According to PayPal, it says that for 'address_status = confirmed' that the billing address and the delivery address have to be the same (, however i did a live test, and entered paid by card details (not using a paypal account) and entered an incorrect billing address and incorrect delivery address and it still returned 'address_status = confirmed' yet clearly it is not.  

Anyone else encountered this or have i misunderstood this?


Again similar for 'protection_eligibility'.   Even on the the transaction above with 2 incorrect addresses, it returned [protection_eligibility] => Eligible!  Surely this cant be Eligible as both addresses are wrong.    As I understand Seller Protection should only be Eligible if an item is delivered to the address of the card holder.   


It makes me worry that paypal is returning incorrect information.  Looking back 99.9% are 'address_status = confirmed' and [protection_eligibility] => Eligible!  I highly doubt this now.


We are using Express Checkout php scripts. There are a few years old now but we have used them for at least 7-8 years.   


Maybe I have misunderstood what address_status and protection_eligibility really represent? Any advice/experience would be great. 

Thank you