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problems with paypal, etc

New Community Member

problems with paypal, etc

hello there

i hope that someone has info on the following matters that has been messing with my paypal accounts

in recent weeks and paypal did practically nothing to get them sorted


i have a business account, it has been upgraded from a personal account, but it is for a small partnership company

and now paypal has limited the account as i have not provided proof of identity but i cannot as this is a company, not a person...

no idea what can/needs to be done and i have been trying in vain to get help via the message center, it is so ridiculous....

there used to be a phone number for paypal but it seems that there is no such thing anymore, not in Europe at least

now i have a deadline of 6th september for sorting this out but never got a reply about this, so i have no idea how it can/will be done...


the other matter is with an old personal account which has been more or less unused for about 15 months but still has my 

mobile number and bank card details and for some reason i cannot close

i have tried several times, it says that it has issues which need to be cleared but then again i cannot see any issues, paypal

does not see any issues and i have requested several times to get it closed so that i can use the bank card details and my mobile

for a new paypal account....

again i tried in vain to get this sorted out somehow via the paypal help/message is useless in my opinion

any idea what the heck can be done about this?? it is most frustrating that paypal simply cannot be contacted properly and

my matters cannot be sorted for weeks on end....


any help would be appreciated