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You've exceeded a regulatory limit on payments you can send in a year. To comply with regulations, we need to confirm your identity as the account owner. This will help you avoid account limitations.


have you received information about paypal wanting to close your account ? any feedback would be appreciated. I've spoken to paypal and they've mentioned my account is a risk to their platform. I don't do any transactions. I just receive funds. I recently updated my details and i dont if its because im south african. By the way a south african is one of the founders of paypal.

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Re: paypal



It's not because you're South African.


You have received more than what you are allowed to per year with your PayPal account and to receive more you must confirm your identity with PayPal to lift this limit.


Yes, you are doing transactions. Receiving (or sending) payment is a transaction so you are doing transactions with your PayPal account. 


You have to confirm identity so check your account or emails for more information on how to do it or go to the resolution center. The time to restore your account varies widely depending on the complexity of your specific case.


If you have provided the information and need to follow up, contact customer service:

Log on, click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.


Or private message via social media:

Facebook (South Africa):

Facebook (US):

Twitter: @AskPayPal

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Re: paypal

I have noticed that many other paypal users are experiencing the same thing.


I bet if the same thing happened to your or someone you know your reply to me would not have been the same.


SO we've established it's not because i'm south african.


I've spoken to customer service. They have advised that I am a  risk to the platform. I work and earn funds and use paypal as a third party to receive payment for services rendered.


I have received notification that the amount of payments have exceeded the annual amount. So what next Paypal ? WHat do we do next ?


They send me an email stating that they are closing my account with no reason except that i am a risk.


They could offer me alternatives to an annual limit to allow me to continue using the service.


They've told me I need to write in to their legal department.


If something happened i'm sure they should be able to discuss it with me.


This issue hasn't been resolved.


The person who replied above thinks so.


I certainly don't.



Re: paypal

I have uploaded my documents and I don't understand why my account is not active yet.


If paypal can get back to me and tell me why my account is limited that would be appreciated.


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the feedback but contains info I already know.


My main questions are still unanswered.


I hope Paypal treat there clients better.