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paypal still holding funds over 180 days!!!!!


paypal still holding funds over 180 days!!!!!

Hello there guys 


To start off I am a pensioner and as not very good with electronics so I am hoping I am doing this correct. Apolosiges if not.


When I signed up to Paypal I did not realised on the first screen that it was meant to be my actual name and not a user name (silly I know but as i say i have no idea how these things work)


Paypal aloud me to send money to my daughter etc for so many months but then I had to send in I.D which is fair enough.


Then the problem come about that becasue my i.d did not match what i thought was a username that i could not be verfied, again this is fair enough.


I received a email well over 180 days ago now and i was told that if i waited that long that i would then be able to have my money that was now stuck in my account.


Both my bank account, I.D(driving lisence  and home adress etc surley prove my i,d as if i was fraud I would not have all of this.


I have emailed in loads of times since the 180 days and do not seem to be getting anywhere.


I recieved a email end of last week and it said that in fact I AM able to withdraw my money now to my bank account yet when I have tried it will not let me i even tried sendng to my daughter etc but again it was a no.


I have email proof from paypal saying i should now be able to have this money and be able to withdraw to my bank let it wont let me.


Is there anuthing I can do about this ? I have just over £100 in my account and to be honest this is a lot of money to me.


I understand the fault is my own but at the same time I feel I have now followed the rules as such waiting the 180 days yet they are still holding my money.


I would be very greatfull if anyone could help.


I am glad they are going to be closing my account as i think in the future i will stick to a normal bank with much more help.


thank you for any help


Re: paypal still holding funds over 180 days!!!!!

Hi there,


Welcome to the PayPal Community.


It will not be possible to send the balance to your daughter if there is a limitation in place. If you are having problems withdrawing your funds to your bank account please reach out to our customer service on 0800 358 7911 who can assist.


-David R