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paypal refuses to give me the money they owe me

New Community Member

paypal refuses to give me the money they owe me

so my account has been limited a while ago but lets start off where we should right, i bought a shirt on a website that only allowed paypal so i tried my luck and low and behold i managed to pay for an item with a limited account which shouldnt even be allowed to be able to happen in the first place.

I then tried to add the money to my account because it had a negative balance now but ofc you cant do that when your account is limited.

Lots of back and forth calls to them here in belgium, which doesnt even lead you to the customer service because they just abandoned that in belgium but instead some kind of bureau that handles their payments and some guy told me to send it with paypal topup.

I did that and guess what, it didnt work and my money is gone. 

So for the past 2 months ive been trying to reach the customer support which is litteraly non existant here, you only get redirected to a useless bot and your emails just get answered by a bot and left to rot, oh and the bureau that does their payments constantly just says they cant help u while they clearly can but hey i guess they have to make a profit somehow right

the thing is its been nearly 2 months and they sent a bureau after my **bleep** for MY MONEY THAT THEY TOOK FROM ME giving me deadlines to pay them while i havent heard or seen a single thing of the money that i sent, while i sent them plenty of evidence in the mails that they clearly didnt even read.

so how am i gonna get my money back so i dont have to use this joke of service ever again.