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paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

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paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

absolultey destroyed by paypal !!!


i bought a bulk load of digital software from an outside source , i listed them on ebay , sold about 40 % of them ,

buyers all paid by paypal , i literally sent the games after 5 mins of received payment ......


i went to withdraw the funds ( from my verified paypal account to my linked bank account !!!

withdrawer was reversed and a hold put on my paypal account ........i then phoned paypal and they said it was held just a precaution and i had done nothing wron and to continue to trade on ebay .........( funds would be released in 48 hours !!!!


then a couple of hours my paypal account was frozen for 180 days !!!!


i have over £350 in cleared funds , have sent out £350 worth of software and will not get my money for 180 days !!!!!


this is disgusting as i have done nothing wrong at all , no bad feedback and all buyers have got their purchases .......


you phone paypal they say one thing and the do another ........( even told me to keep seling while account was blobked ......)


what on earth am i supposed to do now ? this seems like fraud to me and im going to have to get a solicitor or even get police involved , no reason has been given for closing my paypal account and keeping my funds , i now have lots of stock sold and lots of stock with no way of selling them , all in all i have lost about £1000 because of paypal .....


somebody please help !!!!

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Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!



See a solicitor but unlikely they can help you.


Paypal can stop you using their services if they don't want your business.


Paypal can hold your funds for 180 days once they have limited your account in case of buyer disputes or chargebacks.

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Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

Same happened here!!!!!!!

The reason was simply "you changed your selling pattern" !!!

What the **bleep** does that means, I don't have a pattern!!!!

I sell whenever I have time and whenever I need to sell!!!!

I'm not a pro seller with regular pattern!!!!!! I did nothing wrong and they just froze my money for half a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't written in any agreement, I just don't have the time to sue them, hate paypal!!!!!




Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

Same just happend to me!!! What the **bleep** do I do? I have just brought a bulk load of goods and cant recieve payment. They reversed my withdraw today and limited my account for no reason!! Holding my funds for 180 days. All customers have recieved there goods and I cant get my payment. I have no idea what to do as i've order around £10,000 worth of stock to resell!!! I even sell on a Top Rated eBay account.

PayPal has really messed me up. Please someone tell me what can be done.



Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

Done exactly the same to me -I wonder if they will pay me the interest on MY money that they are holding onto?

Doubt it - never known such a scamming company in my life.

Only had limitation lifted after providing furhter information not even 72 hours ago.

Its a frigging joke designed to rob you blind - I just wantmy money and they can shove their account where the sun don't shine!

Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

Sue them for the money.

I've successfully sued both paypal AND ebay and got my money back and the fees.

Online for just £25 you can start proceedings for sums less than £5000  -  and it is the easiest thing to do a child could do it.

Don't sit back and let them keep your money just because they feel like it, if enough people sued them they'd have to stop doing it. Court judgements aren't pleasant things to have against ANY company name.


Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

I have got 500£  from my friend because i lost my job. Paypal closed my account and my friend' s account aswell. I called them, wrote letters, made proofs that they asked and they only say that i did something which is inconsistent with their User Agreement. I checked it and i could'nt find anything. I don't know what to do and i can't pay my bills because of Paypal. I wish someone to help me 😞

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Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

Please tell me how you sued? 


Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

No doubt you feel cheated because you WERE cheated.


Re: paypal holding my funds for 180 days !!!!

How did you go about the proceedings they shut my account down for 180 days and my grandmas and my wife's and about 100 of my friends that I play a game with and froze a couple grand in funds