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paypal got limited on 23-12-2020 without any further info


paypal got limited on 23-12-2020 without any further info

I have a business Paypal account which I Found out on 23 dec 2020 that it was limited . they did not email me , They did not tell me the reason.  after few days I reached a live chat they said we will escalated your case and they will review you but after 72h I contact them again They just told me that they have a court order to limt my account. All of my funds are not accessible. They are not giving me any timeline when the issue will be resolved. I am a seller on ebay.

normally when there is a court order they should provide me with notice of court the name of the court and the file number case ,

they should provide info Court order details

Court case number and Plaintiff

also i should recieved Notice of Lawsuit and Order to Show Causes but supports keeps saying wait for further info .

i never received any notice from anybody regarding this. The limitation just happened like that! I dont know if i did something wrong or not, i dont know if i violated anything or not, i dont know what i violated, because i did not get any notice or chance to appeal or contact plaintiff.

How can I get that court order ? And how can i get back my funds and paypal account  ?