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payed twice - received once

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payed twice - received once

I have tried everything, but it seems the seller is lazy or not honest, so I decide to write here. Maybe someone knows how to act in this case.
I have purchased an item twice, because it was not delivered for the first time. I have received the item for the second time but did not get refund for the first purchase. I have tried to contacted to the seller but they did not answer. I have reported a delivery issue on eBay but get feedback that this issue is closed, because the seller provided a tracking information that shows the item was delivered to my address. The thing is that item was deliver but I have paid TWICE for it!

First Purchase:
Date: Feb 3, 2021

Order Number : 21-06517-73816

Transaction ID 588028794V5157249

UPS tracking #1Z305E8F0321724343 - status for the package is written delivered, but actually it was returned to the sender.


Second Purchase:

Date: Feb 17, 2021

Order Number : 08-06594-80713

Transaction ID 8A866307BC778160H

UPS tracking #1ZXX08980391030976 - I have received the package.