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pay pal telephone number, United Kingdom


pay pal telephone number, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I have been scammed with this doll that was sent to me from China. It is a molded squashy 8 inch doll. It was meant to be a 17 inch real baby look-a-like doll. I paid $41.98 us dollars for it. I contacted pay pal about this as soon as it was delivered. I think I was offered about $13  refund which I turned down, the beginning of the last week they offered full refund but I needed to return the item to them, showing tracking on or before the 5th of October. I have messaged about 3 or 4 times to pay pal for return address so that I could do this, I can not write nor read Chinese. They never replied so I could do this and now they have closed the case.

I have tried to find a phone number that will not cost me a fortune for pay pal as my phone is set not to be used on premium numbers. Can anyone help me please?


Regards Karen