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-   negative 28,98 $  USD 10 Feb Payment Loading transaction detai- negative28,98 $ USD
10 FebPa"remz"Mix (MasterCard Credit Card x-<removed>)You'll see "PAYPAL *SENQITECHNO SEN" on your card statement. 100,22 GELExchange rate 100,22 GEL = 28,98 $ USD 1  GEL = 0,2892 USD Shipped to ramaz <removed>"Address"<removed> GeorgiaHave you received this order? LB003080215CN 11 March 2021, Sent by Status: Shipped Have you received this order? 17TRACK 5 April 2021, Sent by LB003080215CN Status: Shipped Transaction ID 2FU64470R37393223Seller inf Invoice ID 87587-MPK87095Purchase details Compact Laser Engraver Machine 19,99 $ USD Shipping 8,99 $ USD  Total 28,98 $ USD 

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 Need help? If there's a problem, make sure to contact the seller through PayPal by   9 August 2021.   You may be eligible for purchase protection. I did not return the amount of this parcel