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order Vacuum and received a fake gold ring with 1$ value


order Vacuum and received a fake gold ring with 1$ value

It seems that PayPal encourages scammers to take advantage of their clients. I purchased pool vacuum in June 2020 from a Facebook Ad. The Facebook webpage looked great. I used my PayPal to pay, but because I didn't receive a shipping number from the company I opened a dispute after 3 weeks. then after several weeks the seller answered and sent me the tracking number for the shipment. I waited over 6 weeks to receive the package, but instead of having the pool vacuum I received a fake gold ring of a value less than $1.

I contacted PayPal, they advised me to change the dispute description from "Not shipped" to "Not as described". After Paypal contacting the seller and keep pushing forward the dispute date, the seller offered me half the price, but I refused, so after PayPal keeps pushing farther and farther the dates, the seller asked to return back the package to China and provide a tracking number.

I went to Post Canada to return the package, but imagine how much was the cost to return a fake ring (with a value of less than $1) with tracking number, it is $77! 

I paid around 60$ for the vacuum, but I received a fake ring and now I need to pay 77! to return it!

I finally returned it by standard mail for $12 and now after 5 months I am still waiting for a final decision from PayPal! I don't know it will be on my favor or on the scammer favor.

We all use PayPal because its suppose to be a safe way to pay but that is no longer the case. I am totally not happy