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my account is limited and funds are restricted


my account is limited and funds are restricted

its been 3 months since my account has been limited, I cant do anything other than login.

ive given up on asking for help, never in my life I have felt so powerless, unable to do ANYTHING.

contacting support by email doesn't help they don't reply and if they do they just respond they cant do anything.

cant call paypal directly because my phone is suspended. 

I only have internet at work, cant use phone from work, I live alone.


I made a huge investment in august to sell various articules on ebay, made a loan from the bank.

cant pay the bank because all the money is on paypal restricted, the bank takes away 90% from my paycheck every month.


im not asking for help, my question is the following:

AFTER the 180 days pass, how is paypal going to refund all my money ????

I live outside the U.S.

and because of all this bad experiences with paypal im scared I will lose all my money.

has anyone experienced something similar and care to post it here ??


the perception paypal has given me is that if you live outside the U.S you have NO RIGHTS at all.