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money laundering service gone legit, how do i get my money out ?

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money laundering service gone legit, how do i get my money out ?

So, i fell foul of paypals 'legal' scam. I used to sell things for other people, charities, personal etc etc, i would set up paypal account with a mix of my own name and the person i was selling the goods for, i would get a cut of the profits. I never had any issues with setting up a bank account with any of these accounts, sometimes i would use the same bank account for mutiple paypal accounts, never at anytime was it queried that the name on the pp account didnt match the bank account name. Since this new EU legislation arrived and now PP seem to have gone from a money laundering service, to a 'legit' (LOL) bank, requiring people to identify themselves, i couldnt prove that i am the person on my pp account and i spoke to pp and explained the situation, i was told that it was common for people to use aliases and they do it all the time and just to send the documents in as they are and worst case scenario would be that they would close my account and ask me to open another one to which they would transfer the funds, i did this and instantly received the 'you cant use paypal anymore' lock down.


It has now been over 180 days and pp are supposed to release the funds, i am still being asked to produce proof and have explained already that i cant, therefore what is going to happen to my money, are they just going to keep it ? i am supposed to recevie an email explaining how to rlease the funds but just keep getting asked to prove identity, so basically to get my money i am going to have to falsify documents to stop pp from stealing it, i dont see what else i can do. Why are the funds not just being transferred to the bank account on the pp account, its the correct account and then we can wipe our mouthes and move on and i wont ever have to use this disgusting service again. Im so happy that pp have been kicked off ebay, good riddance 

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Re: money laundering service gone legit, how do i get my money out ?



Well if they said that they would essentially close down the account, then this is the process but can't prove who you are. Should have tried changing your nickname to full name first, or asked in here for advice first.


PayPal is not a "bank" still but starting to be regulated or is now subject to banking regulations to get it tip top.


PayPal not kicked off eBay, I think they'll still be a payment method there but the funds will be filtered through eBay Managed Payments. Kinda like Etsy Payments have PayPal as a payment method.


The funds are not transferred automatically. You always do it manually. And if name don't match on the PayPal account and bank, it won't go through no way. Using fake, screen, nicknames is thing of the past. Or just don't log into the account for a number of years and PayPal will escheat the funds to your local government as unclaimed property but oh, you used a fake name, so how you going to claim it.


No matter what the reason or purpose, don't use made up info especially when it comes to finances. If money is yours, put it under your name, not made up name. Good luck with falsifying the docs. You don't think PayPal can't figure if its fake or not? They check against with national databases and agencies or the files themselves.


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Re: money laundering service gone legit, how do i get my money out ?

It can't be lawful that pp decide to tighten up thier lax policy, these checks shod have been I'm place from the outset, there are a lot of people in this situation and I think it's time to seek advice and try to group people together in this situation and raise funds to challenge this, it's funny that they 'may still allow money to be received into the account'. Just release the money to the account that is associated with the account, job done